Why Eidetics?

Nanette Tashnek MSW, D.PSc NanetteBR
Transformational Mentor and Guide; Certified Eidetic Imagery Practitioner Trainer Coach certified with the International Imagery Association (IIA);  Diplomat of Pastoral Science.  20 years experience guiding individuals in their own self discovery towards more joy, improved health, deeper meaningful relationships, financial and career success, and the manifestation of unrealized potentials.

What is an Eidetic?  Every second of every day and throughout our lives we experience endless streams of sights, sounds, sensations, and emotions. The mind takes in and absorbs these experiences, processes them, and stores them away in the form of bright, vivid images called Eidetics that contain deep personal meaning. These images are actually stored in specific sites of the brain.

“Eidetics is like an expressway. You cut through the chase and you deal with what is in front of you…The Eidetic Expressway”.  Sam G.

What are Eidetic Images and Why are They Important?  Eidetic Images are the complete visual, physical, and emotional records of our lives. They are actual snapshots, concrete imprints, that form spontaneously in response to real and factual life events as they occur. They contain vast amounts of information about ourselves, about others, and about the world. There are many dimensions to them and they can be seen either as still, like a photograph, or as progressing, like a movie. These images can be looked at and scanned for detail, stopped, and looked at over and over again for a fresh perspective. Dr. Ahsen, the founder and developer of Image Psychology and Eidetic Imagery, discovered that Eidetics contain storehouses of genetic potentials, powers, and healing abilities. This discovery, along with his methods to bring them forward to be utilized, is his major contribution to psychology.

Nanette is a trace of gold in the brick road of Life! … On the family front, Nanette guided me through years of care giving for my father, helping me to better realize members of my family, and allowing me to live with greater strength, with the liberated spirit of my parents right there at my side, thanks to renewing images of them.  

… In my relationship with my partner of 25 years, Nanette helped me to gain new insight that creates a more understanding and positive dynamic between my partner and me. … Twice in the past three years Nanette has been invited and well-received in Montreal to present intensive workshops in Eidetic Imagery. Professionally, Nanette is the most prepared and skilled teacher I have ever had, training me to integrate Eidetic Imagery into my own counseling practice. … Instead of just cognitive feedback, Nanette conveys her imagination, creativity and insight to spark broader comprehension and greater momentum in my own life. … Give Nanette a FIVE STAR rating!” — Norm Davis, MPA, MAA, MA, Montreal, Canada
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What is Eidetic Imagery and How Can You Benefit From It?  Eidetic Imagery is a self-revealing and a self-empowering process. It is a journey of discovery, evaluation, and transformation all in one. Change is actually generated seeing and working with the image using precise techniques of exploration and repetition that illuminate insight and growth. This rapid moving method shifts negative emotions to positive ones and breaks any fixed or negative perspectives of life. Subtle and fascinating nuances of your life story and the stories of those around you are seen and responded to in a new way. The Eidetic process unifies and integrates all of who you are. Dr. Ahsen’s, work revealed that thoughts, body sensations, and feelings that are accessed and connected with the Eidetic Image restore balance and peace.  As each Eidetic record is retrieved and thoroughly examined any unresolved or conflicted areas in the images are revealed and their underlying causes are clearly identified and effectively resolved. Inner strengths and resources are gathered during the Eidetic process and a feeling of health, well being, and sense of self are restored. Your true genius of unrealized potentials and talents that have been deeply hidden begin to emerge in life along with a fresh array of attitudes, beliefs, and actions. To understand the power of Eidetics, you must experience it!

“Indelible, life-structuring.” Joseph Campbell

What I Can Help With.  Eidetic Imagery has been successfully used for a wide variety of emotional and physical symptoms including but not limited to: depressed mood, fears and panic, traumas and accidents, grief and loss, family of origin themes, alcohol and drug addiction, menopause and menstruation, allergies and chemical sensitivities, learning problems, academic and financial challenges, relationship and sexuality difficulties, eating irregularities, and more.  See Workshop/Classes page: http://nanettetashnekeidetics.com/groups-workshops-upcoming-events/

“This was one of the most important, revealing, meaningful experiences of my entire life;
maybe, the very most important.” — Paul P.