The Case Study of E


E. came reluctantly at the request of a loved one.  After discovering his essential self from early childhood images in the Eidetics process he left with a plan to make a difference in the world.  I have had many remarkable stories evolve from my practice but none like this one.  The Eidetic modality is miraculous in and of itself and people seem to soar.

I have been given permission from this gentleman to tell some of his story to inspire others to make a difference in their lives and the world.  The goals for E. were specific – to be a better person and a good father. We worked in Eidetics to unlock levels of trauma and negative experiences from his personal history after which seeds of Spirituality were welcomed.

A business deal was not bringing forth the anticipated income he had hoped. I can recall the very moment when Light was revealed to me and I made the following connection. I asked, had you considered how many mouths could be fed or how many jobs would remain in tact provided there was no corruption upon the finalization of this project?  I did not know at that time what would transpire afterwards but here is the story and how it unfolded.

We continued our work in Eidetics and shortly thereafter he lost his father. His marriage was soaring and he reported that Eidetics had saved his relationship.  All of his relationships began to change. He was developing real and genuine connections with his children, remaining parent, and siblings. Struggles with his business ventures and other personal relationships were becoming less problematic.  His health problems disappeared.  He began to relax and enjoy life more. He was saying YES TO LIFE and YES I CAN.

He announced after the death of his father that he was preparing to set up a foundation.  He reduced his personal spending by more than half and is creating an Anonymous Foundation which was inspired by missed opportunities in his own life and the lives of his parents.  His desire for the foundation is huge; to expand it from the local, to the state, to the national, and finally to the international level.  He will initially fund the foundation with 10% of his business earnings to keeping it growing. He has been in the process of creating sustainable wealth from ventures he has been working on for some time.  In the end everything from this business will go back to the world through sustainability.  E. has transformed the belief of working for himself to working for the world.  During this time his wife has continued to advance her education to learn the mechanics of creating and running a foundation.

How this miracle has returned to me is yet the magical circuitry of it all. My work with this gentleman has propelled me to venture out of the box and away from the arenas I am accustomed to. I have been called a Life Coach by him while others consider me a Eidetic Imagery Practitioner.  My career is taking a very different direction.  If I can channel this much light and expand consciousness for one person then perhaps I can reveal more to many others.  Our work together inspired a new workshop called “Boost Your Money Potential” – create prosperity and purpose to include concepts of Spirituality with Eidetic Imagery to help participants see, integrate, and manifest their own value to share with the world.

A small number of motivational, business, and money experts are combining Spirituality and prosperity in this new era of consciousness but the unique mastery of combining Eidetic Imagery to help manifest higher levels of growth and transformation is paramount.

Nanette Tashnek, MSW, D.PSc



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