The Eidetic Allergy Model


We are all aware of how toxic our environment has become.  Schools, homes, work places, natural habitats, humans, and animals are all affected. There is tremendous   economic loss, a rise in disease and death, and a loss of our natural and beautiful surroundings.  The positive result of this awareness is that we are moving back towards more natural products, ways of living, and means of conserving.  A collaborative and united effort has evolved as we become more conscious of the planet, our environment, and those who cohabitate in it.

Allergies are often associated with chemical or environmental toxins.  An allergy is considered a hypersensitivity to a specific substance such as food, pollen, grass, pet dander, dust, cleaners, etc.  When a reaction occurs the body releases various chemicals, two important ones are histamine and serotonin.  When both of these chemicals are released together they can trigger spasms of the bronchial tubes increasing mucus secretion, and spasms of the gastrointestinal and urinary tract systems.  They can also cause large blood vessel constriction sometimes manifesting in headaches. Symptoms can range any where from wheezing and nasal congestion to fatigue and burning watery eyes.

Allergy symptom relief from medical treatments can be none, mild, or moderate.  Current alternative strategies can be useful, others may even ameliorate the symptoms.

Those who suffer from allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivities, etc. may continue to require on going or intermittent supportive care. All of these attempts have limiting and yet varying successes.  They simply treat the symptoms.

In lieu of the multitude of options available few have asked questions of why. Why does one person have a reaction to cats and another does not?  Why does the reaction occur in the first place?  According to Akhter Ahsen, Ph.D. the father of Modern Eidetics, there is another theory of chemicals and neurology of the body.  His therapy accesses the root cause, the mind body connection to the allergic reaction.  He believes there is another level of toxicity other than in the environment.  This toxicity is internally generated by signals or cues coming from negative imbedded images from a person’s past.  These signals continue to beam negative messages in our bodies and minds. The messages are accompanied by neurological chemicals that become a part of us.

Weakness and vulnerability in the body may develop as a result of an individual’s history or from any trauma. This is when and how the associated cues or signals begin to form.  For example, suppose there were negative images and messages at the dinner table growing up especially around drinking milk.  These negative messages can cause disturbing images, uncomfortable emotions, and a poor perception of milk itself. This is when physiology in the body begins to shift and can cue the beginnings of an allergic reaction to milk.

Once one allergic reaction appears the body will often compensate  by developing a second reaction to another substance.  Then multiple allergic reactions occur causing chaos in the body.  In extreme cases multiple chemical sensitivities may develop.

The Eidetic Imagery Allergy Model is highly specific and unique to each individual.  Through an empowering adventure of exploration and assessment original weaknesses and vulnerability are discovered alongside many blocked abilities. Suppressed emotions and a restricted feeling of freedom are typically uncovered beneath these restricted abilities. Allergies are healed once the abilities are revealed and released.  Recovery of abilities is paramount in the treatment of allergies. The goal of the Eidetic Imagery Allergy Model is twofold: to treat the allergy symptoms and to eradicate the original weaknesses to prevent further allergic reactions.  This will increase feelings of strength and power.  There are also many precise images special to this treatment model:  images helpful for gathering one’s abilities, images for going out into the world with a sense of freedom, images to cool down the internal organs, images for accessing power, and images to eliminate headaches.

After clearing and cleaning all your internal toxins and gathering all your abilities, you will have more strength, energy, and reward to commune with nature and to support efforts on her behalf.  Through Eidetic imagery you can access all you hidden potentials and go forward in life with more freedom and purpose.  There will no longer be a need to hide from your environment rather a desire to embrace it.



Nanette Tashnek MSW, D.PSc
Eidetic Imagery Practitioner, Trainer, Coach

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