See New Possibilities in All Your Relationships

Relationships are all around us.  There is the relationship we have with ourselves and with the universe.  We are born into relationships with parents, caregivers, and families.  Extended families enter the picture as well as teachers, religious advisors, friends, and acquaintances.  Later we develop connections with colleagues, business associates, and spouses or partners.

The genetic seed of how we function in relationships is determined by our relationship with each parent and the relationship they have with each other.  We are influenced by their potentials, traits and abilities, as well as by their limitations. Parental patterns and early growing up experiences still beam messages that continue to guide our current and future connections and our perceptions of the past.

According to Akhter Ahsen, Ph.D., pioneer of a revolutionary modality called Eidetic Imagery from the field of Image Psychology, we live in two separate places in the mind relative to relationships.  One part is in the dream of hope and possibility where freedom and conflict reside; the other part is in memory based images.  Conflict is necessary in any relationship as it increases growth opportunities and energy or passion. Stuck memory based images, however, attached with rigid beliefs and perceptions can limit expansion and satisfaction in all our relationships.

The Eidetic Image is a special internal image that appears spontaneously at points of conflict in life.  It activates and moves.  It unifies mind and body by connecting all the elements within it – emotions, body sensations, and perceptions.  It generates new experiences.  It is much like revitalizing an old painting.  As layers of history and debris are cleared away and cleaned new perceptions seen in the painting open rich vistas of fresh colors, details, insight, and connections of more things to each other, all in an instant.

Through the Eidetic process relationships with the parents are restored in the mind in a new light without blame.  Empathy and understanding replace reactions towards others.  You begin to influence change in all your current relationships.  Resolutions to long standing emotional and physical symptoms become apparent.  New attitudes, beliefs, and actions appear replacing negative messages of the past. True joy and fulfillment in all your relationships are renewed with an integrated mind toward real possibilities and an expanded future.

Nanette Tashnek MSW, D.PSc
Eidetic Imagery Practitioner, Trainer, Coach

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