See From the Inside Out Past Your Fear Blocks

FEARS originate from our early experiences growing up and from any trauma or accidents current or in the past. Parents are the teachers of our experiences and we store all of our experiences of them in our minds. This is why it is important to look at early images growing up and early images growing up with the parents to see the fear blocks. We can see how the parents are limiting us and how they are enhancing us. These pictures in our minds still influence us today. We can see where the original fears come from, how they are connected to our current life patterns, and how to release them. Fears cohabitate in our blocks or stuck places. They are pockets of constricted energy that attach to emotional, mental, and physical material. By releasing fear blocks one opens the natural flow of energy in our personal and professional lives. We can literally see the blocks and move past them.


See yourself successful at work.

Keep mother in mind while you see yourself successful at work.

Keep father in mind as you see yourself successful at work.

Is there a difference in your feelings when you keep a different parent in mind.

(This image will give us clues as to who may be limiting or blocking success at work and who may be enhancing our success)


Nanette Tashnek MSW, D.PSc
Eidetic Imagery Practitioner, Trainer, Coach


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