boganvalia-wallpaper-1366x768How well do you take care of yourself? Do you procrastinate getting checkups, working out, eating right, or using stress management and time management techniques? Do you forget to enjoy social time? Are you addicted to your work? Do you use your job as an escape mechanism for something or someone you want to avoid? Do you have difficulty letting go of control instead of training others? Do you have the false belief that nothing will happen to you? Do you feel overly responsible for your family, employees, and business? Had you considered what would happen if you were not there to take care of them?

SELF CARE does not mean weakness or vulnerability
SELF CARE is not just for others
SELF CARE is for everyone
SELF CARE is respecting yourself and others
SELF CARE means taking control of your life so others will not have to
SELF CARE can change your personal and business life
MODLEING SELF CARE is important for others

EIDETIC IMAGERY is coming to the forefront of the business arena alongside it’s applications in health and wellness and personal growth.

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See From the Inside Out Past Your Fear Blocks

FEARS originate from our early experiences growing up and from any trauma or accidents current or in the past. Parents are the teachers of our experiences and we store all of our experiences of them in our minds. This is why it is important to look at early images growing up and early images growing up with the parents to see the fear blocks. We can see how the parents are limiting us and how they are enhancing us. These pictures in our minds still influence us today. We can see where the original fears come from, how they are connected to our current life patterns, and how to release them. Fears cohabitate in our blocks or stuck places. They are pockets of constricted energy that attach to emotional, mental, and physical material. By releasing fear blocks one opens the natural flow of energy in our personal and professional lives. We can literally see the blocks and move past them.


See yourself successful at work.

Keep mother in mind while you see yourself successful at work.

Keep father in mind as you see yourself successful at work.

Is there a difference in your feelings when you keep a different parent in mind.

(This image will give us clues as to who may be limiting or blocking success at work and who may be enhancing our success)


Nanette Tashnek MSW, D.PSc
Eidetic Imagery Practitioner, Trainer, Coach


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See New Possibilities in All Your Relationships

Relationships are all around us.  There is the relationship we have with ourselves and with the universe.  We are born into relationships with parents, caregivers, and families.  Extended families enter the picture as well as teachers, religious advisors, friends, and acquaintances.  Later we develop connections with colleagues, business associates, and spouses or partners.

The genetic seed of how we function in relationships is determined by our relationship with each parent and the relationship they have with each other.  We are influenced by their potentials, traits and abilities, as well as by their limitations. Parental patterns and early growing up experiences still beam messages that continue to guide our current and future connections and our perceptions of the past.

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The Eidetic Allergy Model


We are all aware of how toxic our environment has become.  Schools, homes, work places, natural habitats, humans, and animals are all affected. There is tremendous   economic loss, a rise in disease and death, and a loss of our natural and beautiful surroundings.  The positive result of this awareness is that we are moving back towards more natural products, ways of living, and means of conserving.  A collaborative and united effort has evolved as we become more conscious of the planet, our environment, and those who cohabitate in it.

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The Eidetic Learning Model


Thousands of children are affected by the symptoms of ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, and various other types of learning difficulties.  Many undiagnosed adults also seem to compensate in life because of such challenges.  Learning challenges are known to affect an individual’s overall functioning in many ways.  Social and family relationships are disrupted, academic or occupational goals may not be realized, and the inner emotional world is often compromised resulting in a poor sense of self.  Other symptoms include angry outbursts,  fear, confusion, vulnerability, isolation, and a lack of confidence.

Medication and traditional therapies have had limited success in treating such disturbances.  Dr. Ahsen, founder of Eidetic Image Psychology, has uncovered the root cause of learning problems.  Through his Eidetic Imagery “picture process” the causes and symptoms of each individual can be successfully addressed and treated.

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The Eidetic Alcohol and Drug Abuse Model


There are a multitude of theories about therapies, methodologies, and treatment

of drug and alcohol abuse. For example, the medical model presupposes that drug and alcohol addiction is a disease like any other disease and that there may be even later biological predisposition to becoming an abuser. The development of even newer medications to suppress the habitual desires have been on the market for years.  Spiritual theorists believe that there is a void or disconnect from a divine source and that addictions serve as compensation for this emptiness. Cognitive behavioral approaches focus on changing maladaptive thoughts and behaviors to manage the symptoms. The well known Twelve Step Recovery Program embraces a social approach with specific guidelines that teach individuals how to handle sobriety in a community setting of other recovering individuals.

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The Case Study of E


E. came reluctantly at the request of a loved one.  After discovering his essential self from early childhood images in the Eidetics process he left with a plan to make a difference in the world.  I have had many remarkable stories evolve from my practice but none like this one.  The Eidetic modality is miraculous in and of itself and people seem to soar.

I have been given permission from this gentleman to tell some of his story to inspire others to make a difference in their lives and the world.  The goals for E. were specific – to be a better person and a good father. We worked in Eidetics to unlock levels of trauma and negative experiences from his personal history after which seeds of Spirituality were welcomed. Continue reading

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