Workshops/Classes & Their Schedule

2017 Class Schedule– The second Tuesday of each month (Jan. 10, Feb. 15 March 14, April 11, May 9, June 13, July 11, Aug. 15, Sept. 12, Oct. 10, Nov. 14, Dec. 12); topics will be listed monthly in the Newsletter.  The Eidetic Imagery Intro classes have resumed.

Unless marked “individuals only” all workshop/class material can be utilized for individual sessions or groups.  Workshops are listed below in three categories: Professional Development, Personal Growth and lastly, Health & Wellness.  Please scroll down to learn more about the workshop(s) that interest you.

Professional Development Series: Boost Your Money Potential; Access Career Success & Potential; Assert Yourself with Confidence; Diversity from a Different View; See Adversaries in a New Light.                                                              

Personal Growth Series: Personal Success Genetics; Relationships – Reality vs. Expectation; Healthy Satisfying Ageing thru Stages of Life; Female Roles & Feminine Themes; Inner Childhood Potentials; Passion Power and Strategy Thru Images of  Aphrodite; Learning Abilities/Disabilities; 

Health & Wellness Series: A New Advancement in the Treatment of Drug & Alcohol Abuse; Healing the Allergy Symptoms;  Healing Grief & Loss; Caring for a Loved One; Thermodynamics to Relieve Pain; Build Mind/Body Strength; Menopause: Medical Complaint or Mythic Journey; Green Up/Go Green. 

Professional Development Series:

Boost Your Money Potential                                                                                                   An Eidetic imagery workshop to create prosperity and purpose in your life.

Are you tired of making financial goals each year and not following through          with them?  Have you lost your passion for creating the income and business      your desire?  Are your fears limiting assertiveness at your current job?  Do you  really want to know what is blocking your financial success and self-confidence?  Eidetic imagery is a unique tool that can provide you with answers to these  questions and provide many possible solutions to positive outcomes.

In this workshop you will see BIG, see CLEAR, see MOVEMENT, see SUCCESS and view what is hindering your ability to make more money and create success in your life.  Learn new concepts of prosperity and see ways to move beyond the hidden obstacles that prevent your abundance.  Experience ways to open and expand your desires.  Maximize your existing coaching and business strategies.  Discover new life potentials and purpose and visualize ways you can manifest and share your value with others.

“I started my Eidetics training with Nanette around 6 weeks ago and have already experienced a huge miracle and feel my life transforming in a positive direction. I reached out to Nanette for help with a relationship problem and quickly realized that through her coaching it has improved all areas of my life including my work performance. The huge miracle actually happened at work. I fell behind in my sales at work and was around $ 150,000 below the #1 salesman and looked like there was no way to get back in the lead. I was very discouraged and told Nanette about it and we agreed to have an emergency coaching session on my lunch break. The session was very powerful and we both felt a breakthrough in my consciousness. Well sure enough within 2 hours of our meeting I closed a $ 240,000 deal, the biggest in company history and it put me back into first place. It was nothing short of a miracle! Also I noticed a big shift in my relationship with my parents and I can see them in a more positive light and get along with them much better now. Thank you so much Nanette for all your help!!! I’m looking forward to more growth, transformation, and miracles this year!” David K.

Access Career Success & Potential                                                                  An Eidetic imagery workshop to learn secrets of successful entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs.

Are you unfulfilled in your career?  Have you lost passion for your work?  Is     AccessCareerSuccess  conflict managing you?  Does stress affect your performance?  Are you a team inhibitor or a team player?  Are you reactive to people of different cultures, sexes, or generations?  Eidetic imagery can help you integrate traits of successful entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs.

In this workshop you will understand what is blocking your career success.  Reignite passion, desire and purpose for you work.  Experience imagery to eliminate conflict and stress.   See new perspectives for playing on teams.  Gather all your abilities and harness all your potential for success.  Break through resistance to change and reactivity towards others.  Learn how to access “high energy” at work.

”I have expanded to new levels of personal and professional projects.” “I am making improved choices in expending my energy in all areas of my life.” “I see the value and purpose in my life.  It is profound and very clear.”  Elaine J.

Assert Yourself with Confidence Using Strategic Assertion                                       & Communication Skills                                                                                                             A workshop to gain self-confidence.

Portrait Beautiful Businesswoman Doing A Thumb-up

Are you constantly being bombarded with an overwhelming number of sales pitches, solicitations, and information? Do you experience bullying, criticisms, put-downs, judgements, and mechanisms of control or manipulation? Do you want to gain tools to strategize your position without resorting to aggression, with drawl, or passivity?  Do you want to change the playing field and people in   it with your own words and actions?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions then you will want to learn powerful Reflective Listening Skills, Communication Tools, Assertion Training, and Strategic Imagery to transform challenges into opportunities! One of the biggest challenges we face today is miscommunication and differing perceptions. It exists with family, partners, co-workers, friends, and day-to-day interactions. You can enhance your life, save your relationships, and deepen your connections with others by using powerful and strategic tools that will build personal power and increase a strong sense of self.

In this workshop you will pinpoint areas of difficulty in assertion. Feel your power without having to build body armor or defenses. Learn direct and practical communication strategies to respond to the advice giver, the controller, the know it all, the opinionated person, the “convincer”, and the one with expectations. Experience imagery and role play boosts to eliminate conflict. See fresh perspectives with more empathy and understanding. Get clear on your “personal boundaries and rights” and “the price of nice”.  Learn how to handle criticism with practical assertion skills.

I have more energy, I can incorporate more things”.Gail C.                                                                                       can tell I am making some remarkable shifts, I stopped rescuing people, I used to feel guilty, not any more, I do not have to be in control of others any more”.Betty N.

Diversity from a Different View

Do you experience problems at work or in life with others of different ethnic or cultural backgrounds? Are you feeling crowded out or alone in the world? Do you feel angry when you hear or see discriminatory actions and verbal intonations towards yourself or others? How are you responding to the changing landscape of our society? What does understanding others mean to you?

There are many layers and levels of diversity. These layers vary from personal and global experiences and injustices, generational and religious ideologies, family of origin beliefs, gender and sexual orientation, cultural and societal norms, economic differences, stereotyping, historical traumas, and more. Problems and solutions to the challenges of diversity are contained in images from within and can be utilized for the complex effects of living in diversity now.

“The importance of unity over division…is the needed reversal of emphasis suited to the tragic times which we are going through right now. We have just passed through a long era of conflicts, resistances, and regrets and we must now go forward toward reconciliation…We must turn back our ever splitting knowledge into a more unified expression of life…” Akhter Ahsen  


See Adversaries in a New Light                                                                                             An Eidetic imagery workshop on changing awareness and perceptions about your adversaries.             

Are you aware of the consequences of conflictual and adversarial relationships? Silhouette of man rejoicing achievement raised the handsDo you know how many missed opportunities and emotional and physical symptoms are connected to them?  Is ongoing conflict and stress affecting you?  Do you have unresolved issues with a partner, family member, co-worker, friend or business associate?  Unlike other images, the Eidetic image works to reveal the nature of conflict and it’s solutions.  It brings about new  positive feeling states while releasing pockets of blocked energy in the mind and body. 

In this workshop you will discover form your past who you are really reacting to and why you are still adapting to those patterns in current life, learn imagery exercises to release stuck memory and open new awareness about your adversaries with fresh insight, perceptions and understanding.

Personal Growth Series:

Personal Success Genetics                                                                                                                                         Do you want to see more potentials in yourself, influence change in all your       PersonalSuccessGenetics   relationships, embrace more positive perspectives towards life,  feel more alive with joy and enthusiasm, and dissolve unwanted  emotional and physical problems? Eidetic Imagery may be just what you are looking for to move beyond stuck areas in your life towards real personal success.  Eidetics is a rapid moving and ingenious method to work through conflicted areas!

In this group you will see images that will reveal your early experiences growing up through thirty specific images of your history.  See how these images bring to light significant past events, emotions, and meanings of your life relative to your current life situations.  Learn how to move beyond conflicts, how to see your parents and others differently, how to embrace fresh ideas and solutions to problem areas, and how to support and be supported by group members in an atmosphere of empathy and understanding.

On the family front, Nanette guided me through years of care giving for my father, helping me to better realize members of my family, and allowing me to live with greater strength, with the liberated spirit of my parents right there at my side, thanks to renewing images of them.Norm Davis, MPA, MAAA, MA, Montreal, Canada

Relationships – Reality vs. Expectation                                                                                                     An Eidetic imagery workshop on how to bring more fulfillment and joy into your relationship.            

EnhanceYourRelationshipsWe all live in relationships.  Our constant connecting patterns bring us either fulfillment and joy or conflict and dissatisfaction.  We reside in the gap between the reality of our relationships and the expectations of them and are blocked by the  shadowing of another relationship from our past.  There exists however, a primary relationship in nature that can close the gap, overcome the shadowing effect and illuminate the essential self within you and your partner.  According to Akhter Ahsen, PhD, knowing the deeper layers of the mind through the Eidetic image  will bring you closer to all your connections.

In this workshop you will discover how you are currently replicating or adapting to another relationship of your past.  Bring your heartbeat and passion back into your life.  Allow a conscious energy flow to dissolve your relationship illusions through empathy and understanding.  Retrieve your true essence and bring it back into all your relationships.

In my relationship with my partner of 25 years, Nanette helped me to gain new insight that creates a more understanding and positive dynamic between my partner and me. – Norm Davis, MPA, MAAA, MA, Montreal, Canada

Healthy Satisfying Aging Through Stages Of Life                                                                                 An Eidetic imagery workshop to gather potentials for your growing up experiences and bring them into your current and future life. “All ages will benefit”                                                                                                                   

Psychologist Erik Erickson’s psycho-social theory of human development       postulates  that an individual must seek to adjust to stresses and conflicts at each stage of development. If related issues at each stage are not successfully handled  these issues  will continue to arise throughout a person’s life. Dr. Akhter Ahsen,  Father of Modern Eidetics, furthered work in human development with his stages life in images from birth to 84 and beyond. According to Ahsen, we can see in our mind the picture feeling corresponding to each stage of development, find and remove obstacles there, and access hidden potentials. The gathering of strengths and potentials at each stage can thus be carried forward into current and future life situations.

Eidetic Images are the complete visual, physical, and emotional records of our lives. When recalled they can be seen in the form of bright vivid images. These Images are waiting to be seen and explored. They allow us to capture our most important capabilities.

In this workshop you will have an opportunity to share your challenges and or fears of aging and Gain information about all the aspects of aging. Learn about a tool called Eidetic Imagery that can help you embrace a new prospective of aging, life satisfaction, and meaning of life. Release blocks, restore energy, boost creativity, and add fulfillment and momentum to your life and your future. 

“That energy that I had as a kid through ages 3 to 6 is still there. It has been there all along. It has pushed me all my life. It will be there when I turn 60,70, or 80. It may be limited 65 or even at 84 but I will still have energy. The social idea of getting older is important to me. I can start a new stage, a continue of life with people or community for support as I move along in the aging process.”   Chris A

Female Roles & Feminine Themes                                                                                             An Eidetic imagery workshop on empowering true feminine nature.                                                                                                                                      Female RoleHave you ever wondered why you keep replicating the roles of those who have set patterns and beliefs before you? Do you wish you could define your own  femininity and your own rules and roles as a woman? You will have an opportunity of self-discovery and empowerment with some illuminating information.

In this workshop you will gain a better understanding of a true sense of feminine nature, see who and what has been imposing restrictions and containment on your sense of self, discover ways you can become your own change agent and recapture personal power and have an opportunity to do some personal imaging!

“I am speaking from a strong and grounded place”.Faith V.

Inner Childhood Potentials                                                                                                    An Eidetic Imagery workshop for power, imagination & creativity.                                                  bigstock-Child-Walking-In-Woods-To-Glow-72772975                                                                                                                                                                                     In this newly created and light filled workshop your inner child will dance forward with giddiness and glee to retrieve the adult parts in you that have forgotten how. You will experience an “inner high” and an “energy source” that is easily accessible and thirsty for expression.

In this workshop you will also experience some play by seeing new details and meanings in objects of nature. Heal the early wounds of childhood. Retrieve original positive qualities by viewing your childhood toys. Receive special gifts in the Court of Solomon. Remove feelings of inferiority and constant comparison. Find new perceptions of your partner as you see through the eyes of a child.

“The gift of life and its glory comes from childhood. The child’s private world is different and very personal, yet open not hidden. Adults with their notions and language suppress these early clusters of personal imagination. Reasoning or criticism does not give us access to them…adults have built a world of utter less practicalities which follow a different course than the imaginative clusters in childhood…the source of imagination in the child is innocence.”Akhter Ahsen PhD

 Passion  Power and Strategy Through Images of Aphrodite                                      An Eidetic Imagery Group/Workshop for Women to find passion and power and for men to more fully understand the women in their lives.

The real self often becomes lost under layers of memory, history, distorted   Aphrodite   beliefs, and cultural and family norms. When we see images at the level of the   real and essential self, we come back to true feelings, with integrated  body responses, and clear perceptions. According to Akhter Ashen, PhD,  Father of modern Eidetics, “Aphrodite represents the unification of nature; the struggle against illusion…where women struggling in the technological era return home to their true feminine nature; where love and beauty co-exist with anger and rage; where the feminine and the masculine come together in the mind to know the pure self.”

In this unique and individualized workshop you will: Discover the powerful tools Eidetics can awaken in your life, the life you’ve always dreamed of.  Elicit innate abilities of power, passion, and strategy to use in all your relationships and in your life.  Awaken an aliveness and understanding of true feminine nature that permeates in you and in those around you. Find gifts of freedom and grace in your own heart.

Learning Abilities/Disabilities                                                                                               Eidetic imagery for the treatment of learning disabilities and emotional challenges in children. (individual & family sessions only)

Thousands of children are affected by the symptoms of ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia,   LearningAbilities  Autism, and various other types of learning difficulties. Many undiagnosed adults also seem to compensate in life because of such challenges. Learning challenges are known to affect an individual’s overall functioning in many ways. Social and family relationships are disrupted, academic or occupational goals may not be realized, and the inner emotional world is often compromised resulting in a poor sense of self. Other symptoms include angry outbursts, fear, confusion, vulnerability, isolation, and a lack of confidence.

Medication and traditional therapies have had limited success in treating such disturbances. Dr. Ahsen, founder of Eidetic Image Psychology, has uncovered the root cause of learning problems. Through his Eidetic Imagery “picture process” the causes and symptoms of each individual can be successfully addressed and treated.   Learning is innately a pleasurable experience. It is therefore vital that the learning process be both empathetic and nurturing. This nourishes the social interactions with healthy exploration and learning. It is under these conditions that the child’s self confidence and inherent abilities will flourish. If you see an image of a tigress with her cubs in the wild you will see nature, nurture, learning, and fun.

Dr. Ahsen’s research discovered that children with learning disturbances are deeply sensitive, intuitive, intelligent, and imaginative. It is because of the sensitivities to outside circumstances that a neurological learning freeze in the brain can occur early in the life of the person. Some of the factors may include a trauma or parental conflict, or a negative experience with a sibling or teacher in the learning environment.

We all form visual images while learning. Knowledge comes from processing ideas through the venue of visual pictures. The Eidetic image is a particular and special type of visual picture in the mind that is connected to our emotions, sensations, and perceptions.  Recent research has determined that the brain may grow new cells daily.  Additional research has discovered a subset of cells in the brain called “mirror neurons” which become activated in one individual by a particular action of another individual. Recently research found that autistic children have a decreased number of mirror neurons compared to the normal population. This may explain why they lack the ability to pick up social cues in the environment. Dr. Ahsen synthesized all these discoveries in his methodology and demonstrated how focusing on visual pictures can actually activate and stimulate mirror neurons and help new ones to grow. This process of activation and regeneration is especially helpful for the autistic individual in a setting where empathetic social interactions are being demonstrated and can thus be imitated. Freedom from isolation and a relearning process naturally takes place.

The Eidetic Imagery Learning Model is useful for children and adults with learning and emotional challenges. It consists of a systematic step by step approach utilizing four pictures involving nature scenes. The educator and the individual go back and forth in a socially playful, active, and imaginative manner as they work through 30 steps uncovering various details in the pictures. This process is a journey of exploration where learning becomes an alternating exchange between leader and follower. The nature of any conflict may be explored and worked through and new learning occurs.

Health & Wellness Series:

A New Advancement in the Treatment of Alcohol & Drug Abuse               (Individual sessions only)                                                                                                     

There are a multitude of theories about therapies, methodologies, and treatment Happy woman standing with hands up on long straight road facingof drug and alcohol abuse. For example, the medical model presupposes that drug and alcohol addiction is a disease like any other disease and that there may be even  later biological predisposition to becoming an abuser. The development of even newer medications to suppress the habitual desires have been on the market for years. Spiritual theorists believe that there is a void or disconnect from a divine source and that addictions serve as compensation for this emptiness. Cognitive behavioral approaches focus on changing maladaptive thoughts and behaviors to manage the symptoms. The well-known Twelve Step Recovery Program embraces a social approach with specific guidelines that teach individuals how to handle sobriety in a community setting of other recovering individuals.

Each person challenged with chronic addictions finds his or her own paths and treatment options that best fit him or her. Each person discovers at any given time what recovery means for him or her. However, abstinence, medications, group support, spiritual awareness, or even changing one’s thinking and behaviors do not address the time line of events that appeared prior to these addictive behaviors. For some there may be problems arising from the developmental past or family environment. For others death, bereavement, and loss, or peer pressures during childhood, adolescence, or early adulthood may facilitate early patterns of alcohol or drug usage. Societal, cultural, or even religious pressures are known to cause enough anxiety and internal conflict to drive one to escape into a world of drugs and alcohol. Certainly, early traumas and even early medical interventions hamper an individual’s ability to cope in life. Relationship issues or general life dissatisfaction and disappointments can cause one to look for an addictive relationship for pleasure and relaxation.

Currently there is a fresh and extraordinary new approach to the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse developed by Akhter Ahsen, PhD. Through this method a person gains access to inner strengths and resources and the experience of health and well-being are restored – Eidetic Imagery and the Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. While other models consider drug and alcohol abuse to be a spiritual void, an incurable genetic disease, a negative habit, or a result of distorted thinking, Dr. Ahsen considers it to inherently represent an intense desire for a peak experience in life and couples with an inherently false assumption that a chemical can satisfy that need. The qualities of being high are associated with feelings of euphoria, excitement, freedom, relaxation, and feelings of ultimate well-being. Most of us have occasionally experienced these natural high states sometime in our lives without any chemical substances. Childhood typically captures some of these curious moments and adventures: the thrill of riding a bicycle for the first time, roaming and exploring the neighborhood, or riding a horse. Dr. Ahsen calls this high finding the “expectation high” which contains an experience of hope, enthusiasm, and new possibilities. It can be generated by our own profound images. Recovery in the Eidetic Imagery perspective means reclaiming this natural high or “expectation high” and applying it toward a healthy and more fulfilling lifestyle without the use of outside dependence. Eidetic Imagery at the same time offers a person the ability to gain new insights into problem areas often associated with drug and alcohol abuse enabling the person to see and experience oneself and the world from a very different perspective.

Healing the Allergy Symptoms
(Individual sessions only)    

AllergyReliefGeneral allergies, specific allergic reactions, asthma, bronchitis, migraines, chemical sensitivities, etc. are all extremely responsive to treatment through Eidetic Imagery. Eidetic Images are special visual picture recordings of our personal history with all related emotions, sensations, and meanings. According to Akhter Ahsen, PhD, leading theorist in the field of mental imagery, allergy symptoms hide negative images from a person’s past to create the allergic response.

You will explore through the Eidetic the deeper meaning of what your body is really reacting to. You will learn about the mystery of the sense of smell and how it facilitates in the development of an allergy. You will learn how to connect allergy symptoms to your personal history of images, and you will experience how the Eidetic releases restrictions imposed by the allergies. Gather all your abilities for more energy and strength in everyday life. This is an invitation to be present for the most fundamental mantra “Here I Am” from one of the primary images for healing allergies. Allow yourself to resonate with its vibration and restorative qualities bringing forward all your original body potentials.

“In December of 1988 I was chemically damaged from a household cleaning product… my chest hurt with every breath…About 15 years after developing MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) I meet Nanette Tashnek. And life changes. Eidetics made a huge positive change in my healing…My asthma went away… My reactions to different triggers went down… My allergies greatly decreased. All of my MCS symptoms decreased…I wish I had found Nanette and Eidetics earlier in my life. I would have healed sooner. I would not have missed out on so much life. I can’t thank Nanette enough for what she gave me by helping me to regain more of my health.”   – Annette Falconett

Healing Grief & Loss                                                                                                                                                         An Eidetic imagery workshop on healing grief.                                                              

We are in a constant state of change and loss. Death, separation, divorce, losing a   Healing Griefjob, losing co-workers, accepting health challenges and even anticipating the loss of a loved one. All are forms of grief. Grief reactions often remain hidden in the mind and body and will ultimately manifest in different ways. Some of the symptoms of grief can be experienced as depression, unwanted emotional responses, lingering physical symptoms, illnesses, religious/spiritual disconnection and life resignation.

Trauma is a part of grief. Working through trauma and grief  lifts symptoms from the deeper mind, body and spirit. Eidetic Imagery can bring new meaning to a loss, lift the mind/body/spirit obstructions and offer fresh perspectives with a plan for the future. 

In this workshop you will experience the power of images to heal symptoms of grief, lift elements of the trauma of grief, be moved and guided by images of other group members and share your own personal ideas and experiences in a safe environment.

“The images were great! I am at peace knowing you can change the images and change your perspective of things. I am impressed at how quickly we worked through the grief of my Dad, shockingly in a good way. With my Mom, we started a good beginning. I loved the “BILL OF RIGHTS”! I feel less like a reactive person. I can accept things without guilt and grinding in my mind. My second favorite thing was the cultural discussions and how one’s culture influences their life and past.”.  – Lorena S.

Helping the Caregiver Care for a Love One                                                                        An Eidetic imagery workshop for those who care for a loved one.                                                          

Caring for a loved one can be both rewarding and challenging. Opportunities forCaring for Loved One  profound growth are in potential in consciousness in these moments of   transition, conflict, love, and support. Unhealthy family patterns, long term  stress, forgetting oneself and family, and challenges of managing support services can be over-whelming. Anticipatory or unresolved grief may surface from behind the mind, be hidden, or stay constantly in the forefront. Images of the true biological parents are waiting in consciousness to be revealed for resolution of these adaptive family interactions and bothersome emotional responses. Images of Nature are waiting in consciousness to nurture you and to offer you peace.

In this workshop you will come to a relief in consciousness from the challenges of your gift of caring. It will inspire those who are currently caring for a loved one at home or away from home, those who anticipate caring for a loved one, and those who have cared for a loved one.

“My relationship with my Mother is better.” Jean H.

Thermodynamics to Relive Pain                                                                                          An Eidetic workshop using hot and cold mental imagery to relieve pain.                                                 

Eidetic images record all our internal and external experiences in the form of      Relieve Pain bright, vivid, repeatable mental pictures like a movie or film clip, Embedded in   each of these Eidetic records is temperature. The temperature held in each Eidetic record gives us clues as to why we have physical and emotional symptoms and or pain. Image recordings of loss, accidents, traumas, early childhood experiences, etc. hold emotional and physiological material that can cause constrictions in the mind and body.

Dr. Akhter Ahsen’s Eidetic ISM Mind Body methodology uses hot and cold mental imagery to relieve pain. Through the manipulation of these mental pictures we can generate new chemicals in the mind to release blockages that drain energy and potential life experience.  

In this workshop you will learn about a powerful tool that can bring relief for a variety of physical and emotional symptoms. Have first-hand experience with specific images to cool down and relieve pain. Learn to integrate your experience of the IMAGE, the SOMATIC RESPONSE, and the MEANING and why it is important.

Build Mind/Body Strength                                                                                                      An Eidetic imagery group for symptoms including chronic fatigue, headaches, anxiety, pain, etc. 

Many individuals function in the world with multiple symptoms paralleled with   Woman Celebrating Sport Success  extreme  mind body fragility.  Some of these symptoms may be related to health or emotional issues, previous life experiences, traumas, medical treatments and therapies, or ongoing stress and chaos.  It is often difficult   to find a place to begin to build strength. 

The Eidetic image is a key component within our own mind to aid in healing and in the development of internal strength.  These images deep within are waiting to be seen and opened, waiting to be ignited and activated to overcome challenges, and waiting to find solutions for well-being.

In this group you will learn how to see your own Eidetic images and use them to take a vacation from symptoms. Build strength by gathering all your resources from personal image and images of nature.  Share with others in an empathetic flow of energy to help you access strength. Gain new perspectives on your current challenges and symptoms.

“The image is life.  The image is spontaneous truth.  In the image you are not controlled.  In the image you are free.  The image is new movement.  The image is a new vision.  The image puts you on a new course of life.” – Akhter Ahsen, PhD

“I am amazed at how fast Eidetics helps in so many areas of my life. It has helped me overcome many obstacles in my life. I am also amazed that the mind through Eidetic Imagery can help you return to your original DNA for restoration. Eidetics brings together so many of life’s relationships and makes me happier and better prepared to handle activities of daily living. I heartily recommend all the Eidetic courses with Nanette. I am impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. Nanette is a genius in the area of psychology.”Whitney B.

Menopause: Medical Complaint or Mythic Journey                                                      An Eidetic imagery workshop to heal symptoms of menopause.                                                                   

Images are all around us and within us. They make up who we are and how we see Menopauselife. The image is often created by the outside world: from magazines, books, movies, television, art, etc. The media dictates how we should look and  feel and how we should adhere to societal norms. Whether we are aware of these images or not, they have a very deep impact on us, on our thoughts, feelings, even our physiology.

In menopause, we want to remain healthy, attractive and active yet we frequently experience many physical and emotional symptoms. The western cultural myth “Forever Young and Forever Beautiful” often creates negative feelings, physical symptoms and social consequences for women transitioning into menopause—especially for those women who can’t sustain the myth (Be thin and look 35!) There are other images buried within us that make up who we really are and how we view the world. We can create new images, we can create our own myth and we can move beyond the medical complaints of menopause by exploring mythic images and potentials from within.

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to change your perceptions about a most important right of passage through powerful Mythic images.  Discover a new way to overcome menopausal symptoms, distorted beliefs, body image issues, and societal myths.  Embrace magical and mythical possibilities of a new you by looking into the well-spring of Eidetic images.  Join a convivial connection with others in feminine energy.  Envision a new future based on a greater reality. 

“These images are fun & extremely empowering”–Nancy Bent, author, Beyond MS: It’s all in the Image                                                                                                                                                                                           “Keep up the good fight”–Naomi Wolf, author, The Beauty Myth                                                                               “It’s refreshing to (finally) have choices in this important area of health”–Karla Morales, People’s Medical Society

Green Up / Go Green                                                                                                                   A Class on How to Make Your Home an Idealistic Environment.

Do you believe it is not necessary for you to GO GREEN? Do you think  it is too  Green Upoverwhelming, too much work, or it does not matter that you personally GREEN UP? Are you aware of the consequences from chemicals that inhabit your home and environment? Do you have chronic physical and emotional symptoms?  If you are curious about answers to any of these questions then you will want to learn: About environmental facts, how to turn problems into solutions, how to protect yourself and your family from illness and toxic overload in your home, and how to return to nature and the nature within you.

In this class you will hear Nanette’s humorous and challenging story from disability to ability caused by environmental illness. Learn how eco-psychology, image psychology, and permaculture all made the same predictions and became pioneers of the GREEN movement. Know how your physical and emotional health are connected to environmental toxins. Become inspired and empowered by developing your own GREEN TEAM. Save valuable time and money from experts in the field. Take home comprehensive handouts or downloads of Resource Solutions for purchasing or making new products for your home.